Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Sisters Grimm

The following is a book review submitted by my 10-year-old daughter, Anna.

The Sisters Grimm

In these funny and exciting books, the Sisters Grimm live in a town called Ferryport Landing, New York, by the Hudson River. They are related to the brothers Grimm. Their town has fairy tale creatures and people under disguise, and there is a barrier, so they can’t get out. When the last of the Grimms dies, they’ll be free, so some of the fairy tale residents don’t exactly like the Grimms.

Sabrina who is 12, and Daphne, who is 7, have been orphans, because someone, The Scarlet Hand, captured their parents. They lived in lots of foster homes, but they escaped from each one, because the people there are mean. Finally, they find their Grandma Relda, and they always get into mysteries with her; like Jack, the giant killer, sets giants free to regain fame, or Lilliputians robbing toy stores.

But most of all, Sabrina wants to find their parents. She takes keys, and ends up solving a mystery involving the Pied Piper who is the principal, his son, Rumplestiltskin, and fairy-tale babies! In the town, there is forgetful dust, in case regular people find out about the fairy tale creatures. Luckily, the Grimms are protected. Since the fairy tale creatures are under secret identity, they take normal lives, like the mayor, who is the legendary Prince Charming, the Grimm sisters’ new brother is Puck the Trickster, the Sheriff, is Sheriff Hamstead, along with his helpers, they are the three little pigs, and the nicest teacher at school is Ms.White, or Snow, along with other characters. Those books are excellent! “We are Grimms, and this is what we do,” one of the Grimms says before every crazy adventure. What other people should do is read the books!

Anna has read these books several times each and is desperately waiting for the third volume. The Sisters Grimm series is written by Michael Buckley.