Monday, March 13, 2006

Small Press Month at Wands and Worlds

I wanted to draw your attention to Small Press Month at Wands and Worlds.

Sheila has commited to reviewing new titles from small presses during the month of March and has already reviewed a number of books, including:
  • The Witch from the Sea, by Lisa Jensen (older YA from Beagle Bay books)
  • Robin: The Loveable Morgan Horse, by Ellen Feld (middle-grade fiction, Willow Bend Publishing)
  • The Secret Weakness of Dragons, by Brad Grochowski ("best enjoyed by middle-grade children, who can appreciate the irony and humor in the stories," from Eepie Press)
  • Riddle in the Mountain, by Daryl Burkhard (middle-grade historical ghost story, published by Dogtooth Press)
  • Saviors of the Bugle, by Barbara Elmore (middle-grade fiction "about the rights and responsibilities of the free press in a democratic society. It's also about ordinary kids coming of age and finding themselves." From Mud Pie Press.)

I've really been enjoying this series. Thanks to Wands and Worlds!