Monday, March 06, 2006

Stop the Celebrities!

Enough already. I mean it. I used to be generous about this issue. I mean, actors and singers are creative people. It makes sense they'd like to apply their talents in a variety of media.

However, today I learned the following from Mediabistro: GalleyCat--Kylie Minogue and Jessica Simpson are writing for children. I quote from Sarah Weinman:
  • "It's bad enough that a publisher is giving Kylie Minogue money to write a children's book -- specifically, Puffin's Jane Richardson has bought the rights to The Showgirl Princess for publication this September -- but now word comes in from the wires (via an interview with W magazine) that blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson is working on a book of poetry that she's been writing since she was 11. 'It's a piece of my heart I want to share with my fans.'"

I'm up for giving Kylie a break. She's had a hard year and maybe she's kept herself occupied by writing The Showgirl Princess. But Jessica Simpson? The girl can't string two words together. My patience is wearing thin. Anyone want to come to her defense?