Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tony Ross

I became acquainted with Tony Ross' picture books a few years ago when my parents brought several titles back from the U.K. for my then-toddler daughter.

Many of Ross' picture books do teach a lesson, particularly those starring his Little Princess (I Don't Want to Go to Bed, I Want My Pacifier, I Want My Potty, I Want My Tooth). But, Ross is never preachy, despite the subject matter of his books. His Little Princess is a chaotic toddler and a fun one at that.

In Wash Your Hands! (brought to you by Kane/Miller), the Little Princess gets a bit tired of everyone telling her to wash her hands. She's told to wash her hands after playing outside, playing with her dog, going to the bathroom, and after sneezing. The Little Princess complains to the Maid who finally gives it to her straight: She's to wash her hands, "because of germs and nasties." When the Little Princess asks what in the world are germs and nasties, the Maid scares the Princess into action. "Worse than crocodiles," the germs and nasties live, "in the dirties...and on the animals...and in the sneezes....They can get into your food, and then into your tummy...and then they can make you sick."

Wash Your Hands! is a fun read-aloud for the grubby toddler set.