Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pop-up! (Again)

Dina Rabinovitch talks to Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart for the Guardian.

In the article we learn,
  • "Sabuda's love of pop-ups came out of a nightmare visit to a dentist. His mother, pulling him swiftly from the unpleasant dentist's chair and removing him to another dentist, left him in the waiting room where, in the corner, he saw his first pop-up books. It was passion at first sight, and family and friends bought him pop-ups all the time after that. The first one he ever owned, he remembers, was The Adventures of Super-Pickle."

Also, Rabinovitch tells us what Sabuda and Reinhart have planned now that Sharks has been published:

  • "The next big project is a pop-up Star Wars - complete with light-up sabres, and sound effects. And the team are just finishing a project with Maurice Sendak entitled Mommy, which has apparently been four years in the making due to Sendak's legendary perfectionism.

I'm not sure about Star Wars, but the Sendak title sounds intriguing.