Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Willems interview

Bob Minzesheimer talks to Mo Willems for USA Today.

Mo Willems confesses that his ambition as a child was to take over for Charles Shultz. When he was six years old, he wrote the the master cartoonist:
  • "'Dear Mr. Schulz: Can I have yur job when you die? Yur fan, Maurice Charels Willems.'"
  • "When Charles Schulz died in 2000, Willems phoned his father, a potter in New Orleans, to remind him of the letter. His father confessed that he never mailed it. 'A classic Charlie Brown moment,' Willems says with a smile. "

Very cute. But Willems has made it in his own right as children's writer/illustrator, though, as he tells Minzesheimer, he's a "'cartoonist who makes books, not an illustrator or an artist.'"

Willems is also a member of the Hot Men of Children's Literature, as designated by A Fuse #8 Productions.