Monday, June 19, 2006

The Mother of All Failures

Okay, you can go ahead and crown the loser right now, MotherReader! It's me. How much did I read over the weekend? Nothing. Nada. Nichego. Rien. Zippo.

Turns out traveling overseas and participating in a 48HBC are not compatible activities. I'm scared out of my wits when flying, so I only slept a couple of hours. Control freak + pilot who is not self=barely controlled panic. Then my otherwise darling five year old did not sleep when we arrived. Darn jet lag. (Did you know you can't take sleeping pills when traveling with children? I mean, I guess you could, but then they'd be flying the plane or something.)

So no reading. I did buy books, does that count? I'm the proud owner of The Tide Knot and The New Policeman!

I've been sampling some of the reviews here and there and you guys have been busy! I'm hanging my head in shame. Maybe next year...