Monday, June 19, 2006

Summer Reading Lists

Cecelia Goodnow compiles an excellent summer reading list for the kiddos at the Seattle Post-Ingelligencer. The YA selections are particularly strong and the list is composed of many of the kidlitblogosphere's (did I get that right?) summer faves.

This part of the article, though, got me thinking. Goodnow quotes from the recent Scholastic survey:
  • "Kids say the No. 1 reason they don't read for fun on a regular basis is because they can't find books they like. But parents who steer them to good titles can turn that around, according to a new national survey, The Kids and Family Reading Report. The survey was conducted by Yankelovich Inc. for publishing giant Scholastic."

There are so, so many really excellent books for kids and teens. It's funny that children can't find them. Maybe they have to be taught how to browse a bookstore or a library? In any case, I can tell you that, as a parent, starting a blog about kids books works. My ten year old wouldn't venture away from The Babysitters Club, but has broadened her horizons greatly by reading my blog. Seriously. I can tell her, read Ingo--it's great! And, she'll ignore me. But, if she reads the recommendation on my blog, she'll read it. Kids. I ask you!