Monday, July 31, 2006

(Old) News in the Kidslitosphere

So my travels have put me behind the eight ball with what's new with kidlit blogs and topics.

So here's what's new to me:

  • A Year in Reading and their 100 Cool Teachers. A belated welcome, Mary Lee and Franki!
  • L.Lee Lowe has begun serializing a YA novel called Mortal Ghost. Two chapters are up, so head on over and read!
  • Pooja Makhijani has written a great article, "Here to Stay: South Asian Literature for Children and Teens," for The opening paragraph is cringe-worthy: "As I was growing up, I would search library shelves in the hopes of finding a character 'like me'. I never had much luck. One day, my elementary school librarian excitedly handed me a tattered copy of The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. 'It's set in India,' she squealed. 'It's the perfect book for you!'" Thanks, Pooja, for the work you do.
  • Oh! And, Alan Silberberg (of Pond Scum fame) has a blog!