Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weekend Reviews (I)

Here's an early roundup of weekend reviews:

Elizabeth Ward reviews Peter Pan in Scarlet for the Washington Post. And, she really likes it:
  • "If her tale is not also as dark, that's because McCaughrean just doesn't give a toss about Barrie's iron bars. Grown-ups can get back to Neverland in her book. Hook can stir our sympathy. Autumn can revert to summer. Sequels are possible. And for once, we believe."

Interesting teen reviews in the Times. Four teens review the Booktrust Teenage Prize shortlisted titles. The shortlisted books are:

  • The Foreshadowing, by Marcus Sedgwick
  • Exchange, by Paul Magrs
  • Henry Tumour, by Anthony McGowan
  • Beast, by Ally Kennen
  • A Swift Pure Cry, by Ally Kennen
  • Angel Blood, by John Singleton

More tomorrow, I'm sure