Friday, November 10, 2006

Adele Geras responds to the celebrity book kerfuffle

Children's author Adele Geras asks the following questions in today's Guardian blog:
  • "But why on earth devote the two front pages of G2 to promoting most spectacularly the very books and writers (or non-writers) you're slagging off? Goodness knows, even with the best efforts of the Guardian Review, there is precious little space devoted to proper criticism of children's books, so to throw away 2,000 words on not-very-good books seems... well, quite barmy. Why not, instead, use this prime site to promote six or seven very good picture books coming out in time for the festive season? Or six or seven picture books which have been unjustly neglected? Or six or seven picture books which we know are classics? Or anything at all really, rather than highlighting rubbish? Why would you want to do that?"

I thought Pilkington's article was rather good, but Geras asks some great questions, especially when we keep in mind that the Guardian is one of the only papers to consistently cover children's books.