Saturday, November 25, 2006

Public Service Annoucement: Adult Reads

I never review adult books, but every so often I can't help but make a public service announcement about a book I just loved for one reason or another.

Kate Atkinson is one of my favorite writers. Her books are clever, funny, and beautifully written. I've reread everything she's written at least once. Her new novel and second mystery, One Good Turn, is truly excellent. Part send-up of the Edinburgh Festival, part mystery, part comedy, and part meditation on the nature of coincidence, One Good Turn is a great read.

Oh, and fellow Scotsman and writer, Ian Rankin had the following to say in the Guardian article "Writers and critics make their picks of 2006": "Kate Atkinson's One Good Turn (Doubleday) is the most fun I've had with a novel this year. It's a convoluted murder mystery set in Edinburgh during the height of the festival season, and features a wimpish crime writer who better not be based on me."