Sunday, February 11, 2007

Witches and Wiki update

The Witches and Wiki project is up and running. The wiki novel has two paragraphs now! Any title ideas? You can write, change, or edit anything. Write me for a password, and join in the fun.

Here's what we have so far:

"It was a dark and rainy night, when it occurred to ten-year old Moctor Fall that perhaps this particular evening did not offer ideal conditions for breaking and entering. The thought hit him just as he was balancing on a well-rusted parapet, short stubby legs splayed apart in a wild attempt to get some better footing. He had not counted on the slippery roof...

He had not counted on the full-force hurricane-wannabe winds. He had counted on his weight being to his advantage in terms of keeping his balance (a couple kids at school could vouch for the fact that trying to push the unmovable Moctor over usually ended with him sitting on your head in retaliation) but the rain was another matter entirely.

He fleetingly considered turning back, but he could not. The others were counting on him. And the deadline was fast approaching. He turned up his collar, to keep the rain from dripping down his neck. He slowed his breath, and concentrated on the window. Was that a shape moving inside? "

I'll be clarifying my role as site administrator after I finish the February The Edge of the Forest, which will be up tomorrow.