Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I spoke too soon

I have 4 more blogs I need to add. They are:
  • Mitali Perkins' Sparrow Speaking! Listen Up! This new blog is Mitali's character's blog. And it's on the upcoming presidential elections and related madness. Excellent! (I live in one of those two-oh-so-important primary states, and you'd think the election is on now.)
  • Emily has launched Deliciously Clean Reads. While I have nothing again non-clean reads, I understand that many parents do. This useful new site is an excellent resource for people looking for books with no swearing and sexual content.
  • In the Other Reads department, I'm adding Adventures in Daily Living--on "children, books, techie oddments, pets, paraplegia, adoption, gardening and whatever else strikes my fancy"
  • Haunts of a Children's Writer. Jim D. is an active member of Illinois SCBWI and a writer. He's also writing over at the Children's Book Wiki.

Good reading, folks!