Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Review: Ivy and Bean

This review was written by Alice Herold

You can tell the author, Annie Barrows, and the illustrator, Sophie Blacknell, of Ivy and Bean have children because they successfully have captured the personalities of the two seven year old girls in Ivy and Bean.

Bean (Bernice, when people are mad at her) didn't want to become friends with the new girl, Ivy, who lived across the street. She would rather work on her one goal in life--annoying her big sister, Nancy.

But one day Bean discovers Ivy wants to become a witch as they decide to hatch a plan together (involving worms) to make Nancy dance and never stop. The trouble is Ivy thought of the spell but didn't say it aloud, so the plan was unsuccessful. The two girls, undeterred, think of a new plan involving grasshoppers. Read and enjoy the antics of two imaginative little girls in Ivy and Bean.