Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Reviews (II)

Now for the rest of this weekend's reviews:

In the "not-a-review, but" category: James Sullivan profiles illustrator Ed Emberley for The Boston Globe. My kids love his "How to Draw..." books.

Karen McCombie's Indie Kidd: How to Be Good(ish) is the Washington Post Book of the Week.

Mary Harris Russell is back with her "For Young Readers" column in the Chicago Tribune. Here's what she reviews this week:

  • Way Down Deep, by Ruth White
  • Louis Sockalexis: Native American Baseball Pioneer, by Bill Wise, illustrated by Bill Farnsworth
  • Gooney the Fabulous, by Lois Lowry, illustrated by Middy Thomas
  • Up Close: Oprah Winfrey, by Ilene Cooper
  • My Little Grandmother Often Forgets, by Reeve Lindbergh, illustrated by Kathryn Brown
  • Wake Up, Papa Bear! by David and Maxwell Algrim, illustrated by Adam Relf

Nikki Batalis reviews new poetry books for the OC Register.

Thank goodness for April. Poetry is hot! Lana Berkowitz reviews four new poetry books for The Salt Lake Tribune.