Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This is the post in which I finally admit...

I've bitten off more than I can chew.

You all may have noticed that I love to organize. I also adore a good project. But in cleaning up my own archives, review notifications, and boxes of books this month, it's time to accept some facts about my limitations.

In a way, this sad post relates quite nicely to a meme tag from NYCTeacher: The Summer Goals Meme. So I'll be combining the two in a tidy Summer Goals/Facing the Facts list.

1. The Edge of the Forest. The Forest is my great love. And, I really wanted to avoid a June/July issue this summer. But, due to conferences and summer research/travel, I'm going to have to publish a June/July issue instead of two separate ones. The upside is that June/July and August will both be big issues. The downside is that I feel like a failure.

2. Children's Book Reviews. Children's Book Reviews is another of my pet projects. I really wanted to create a central place on the web where kids and parents can find blog reviews of books. Multiple reviews of the same books, even. I entered in the archives of about 10 blogs including my own and planned to continue down my list of 12 more blogs. But I can barely keep up with my own and the Forest's archives. I have to admit defeat here as well. However, I intend to still host Children's Book Reviews and invite anyone who'd like to enter in their reviews to send me an e-mail and I'll teach you how to do so. It's very easy, especially if you archive already. I get several hits a day from CBR, so someone is using it. (Fuse #8--I failed you most of all.)

3. Okay. So these are my big disappointed-in-self issues. Try to accept and move on to other goals.

4. Say no to all but one community/school volunteer "opportunity" for the next academic year. DO NOT agree to everything.

5. Participate in MotherReader's 48 Hour Challenge.

6. Exercise 30 minutes a day, even if it's only walking.

7. Write, write, write.

8. Enjoy hanging with the kids this summer.

9. Use the term "man flu" at least once a week for the next year.

On to more archiving, notifying, and stacking of books!