Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yay! New Roger Holland column at PopMatters

Roger Holland runs down the latest in children's DVDs for PopMatters. I wait for these columns, not because I'm so into children's DVDs, but because Holland's columns are always smart and always funny. This month Flushed Away gets an 8/10 as the highest-rated DVD and Bratz Fashion Pixiez a rare 1/10. Here's why:
  • "My sister-in-law once bought my daughter a Brat (that's the singular, right?), so I ate her liver, barbecue-style with a nice six-pack of Shinerbock. If anyone offers your child Bratz Fashion Pixiez [Rating: 1], you should assume he's grooming said child and report him to the FBI. And if you ever allow your own little princess to watch this nonsense (the eighth DVD in the series!), you should be prepared to see her making homemade sex tapes and serving 45 days in jail before she reaches 25. "

Head on over and read the entire column.