Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This week in Everyday Etiquette #2

This week's Everyday Etiquette question comes a day early as tomorrow is a big day: the First One Shot World Tour--Best Read with Vegemite edition.

This week's conundrum truly is an everyday situation, one I'm shocked by several times a month. Am I alone? Let's find out!

Say you're shopping in a large store, like Target. You're in line with your basket full of socks, cat litter, and printer paper. In front of you there is only one customer. This customer is on his or her cellphone. The cashier tries to ask questions (like," would you like this lamp in a bag?"), but the customer is too busy discussing a party or a hair appointment. The customer on the cell phone frequently says to the cashier "just a minute" or "excuse me, but I've got to take this call." The customer is holding up the line with this behavior and being rude to the cashier. Cashiers hate this. I know, because I often commiserate with them when the offending customer alights with her basket and cell phone still firmly in place. Should one talk to the cell phone-talking customer? What do you do?