Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This week in Everyday Etiquette: Middle School edition

This week's Everyday Etiquette question takes us back in time. Yes, we're returning to everyday etiquette in Middle School.

Imagine you are a girl in the sixth grade.

Once you're done shuddering, we can continue. Ready?

Okay. There's this girl in the sixth grade who has issues. What she likes to do is break up sets of best friends. Most likely this behavior is subconscious and you, as a sixth grader, realize this girl has a difficult home life and is acting up at school by whispering rumors and "she said"s. Despite all the turmoil, this girl, however, still wants to be friends. To sit together at lunch. To hang out at recess. And, even though you've learned to ignore her "your best friend said this about you" comments, you're annoyed.

Should you just grin and bear it? Should you just be polite? Should you say, "Hey! Enough of the drama!" What would you do?