Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Review Copy Policy

There are new rules here at Big A little a. The first of these is no more review copies for this blog. I plan on reading and reviewing what I seek out in the future here.

There's always a caveat, however, and here it is: I'll still be accepting review copies for The Edge of the Forest. I'll be dealing with those review copies in the following way:
  • Six times a year I'll send out packages of review copies to outside reviewers.
  • I won't be keeping track of to whom each individual book was sent.
  • Reviewers will review the books they love for the Forest and donate those they didn't.
  • I will send review notifications if a review is published.
  • I may review a book here or over at Book Buds, but my choices will be idiosyncratic.
I hope this new policy does not seem harsh. Over time, however, I've felt beholden to review copies and the joy I found in reading and reviewing new books disappeared. I'm bringing back my joy in blogging and writing about books.