Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Long Day, Long Post

Hi, Everyone. I'm having an unexpectedly busy week (the FLU hit here in Smalltown, and not one member of the family escaped unharmed), but I thought I'd check in with a few items of note:

First of all, thanks to all of you who have written in about The Edge of the Forest submissions. I have set aside a few hours tomorrow for planning and I'll get back to you right away.

In a first, my day life collides with my blogging life. Graphic Novelist Josh Elder (whose Mail Order Ninja I reviewed here) is visiting and will be giving a writer's talk tomorrow night. Over dinner he told me about...

Kids Love Comics! Maybe you all know about Kids Love Comics! and I just missed the boat somehow. Anyway, this group of graphic novelists has banded together to give talks, presentations, workshops, you name it. An awesome endeavor. (You can check out their reading list here.) One suggestion: Add a blog, folks!

Today we learned of the demise of the Nestle Children's Book Awards in the U.K. Sad news. But here's a university in the U.K. getting kids into the act of judging: The Bolton Children's Book Awards lets children 11-14 select their favorite book from a shortlist. And, guess whose book is on the shortlist? Nick Green! Author of The Cat Kin, and blogger at Green Knight's Chapel.

I'm sort of embarrassed to bring this up, but Esme Raji Codell (!) just awarded me a "Lion Award" from the Shameless Lions Writing Club . The award is in honor of "those people who have blogs we love, can't live without, where we think the writing is good and powerful." All I can say is--if you'll allow me this tween moment--OMG! And, thanks, Esme. I'm definitely blushing now. Esme is a wonderful writer, children's book activist, and first class blogger, so I'm beyond honored.

But, why am I embarrassed? Here's why: This award reminded me that the fabulous Shelf Elf awarded me this prize in December. During a blogging break. I had meant to pay it forward and then forgot! (BTW: If you haven't bookmarked or added Shelf Elf to your reader, please do so today. Shelf Elf is a great kidlit blog--Kerry writes beautiful reviews.)

The upside? I get to give 10 awards!

Okay, gotta run. The Cybils blog needs some feeding. Just one word of advice before I go: Get a flu shot. It's not too late!