Friday, March 21, 2008

Book Review: Doctor Ted

Ted is a sweet little bear with a strong imagination and an even stronger will. "One morning Ted woke up, got out of bed, and bumped his knee. That's not good, thought Ted. I need a doctor." Because Ted is good natured and resourceful, after looking everywhere and failing to find medical help, "he became a doctor." He collects supplies, creates an office, makes a bandage, sets up a waiting room. And waits. When Ted can't scare up business at home is he discouraged? No. He takes his show on the road to school where his "very germy" patients are "very thankful" for Ted's medical advice.

Until Doctor Ted tries to diagnose his principal, that is. Principal Bigham is not pleased to learn he has gingivitis and bad breath. Nor is he happy to hear he has a fever and foot odor. Principal Bigham sends Doctor Ted home where he takes two cookies and goes straight to bed. Fortunately for the reader, Doctor Ted is not daunted and he lives to heal another day.

Doctor Ted
is a charming picture book for the young reader. Best suited for children ages three to seven, Beaty's wry humor shines in her optimistic text. Illustrator Pascal Lemaitre's rounded cartoonish animals and colorful pages complement Doctor Ted's journey through his day of healing perfectly. Read Doctor Ted aloud to a group of children (kindergarten is perfect) and let the pretending (and laughter) begin.

When I received a copy of Doctor Ted from author Andrea Beaty, my first thought was man, I've missed doctor books. I mean, I've been reviewing children's books for over three years now and I haven't run into a playing doctor book (no, not that kind of playing doctor!) in all this time. The time has surely come for Doctor Ted.