Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Items: Slow Internet Edition

I'm in Los Angeles right now on a s-l-o-w internet connection, but I thought I'd stop in with a few items of interest I've found here and there online.
  • I love the subtitle to this Guardian BookBlog item on the Famous Five movie: "Hurrah for updated Blyton! Lashings of organic, cane-sugared ginger beer is clearly the way to protect our children from reading anything new." How true is that? Now, don't get me wrong: I loved the Famous Five as a child. But we have so many better mystery/adventure titles available to kids now. Just off the top of my head I can think of Kiki Strike, Sammy Keyes, the Alex Rider series, Percy Jackson, etc, etc. Every one of these books--even the weak ones in the series--is miles better than the best of Famous Five.
  • Are you looking for Easter books for the youngsters? Dinah Hall has some recommendations for you in the Telegraph.
I'll be back later when my speed is better with a review of Andrea Beaty's Doctor Ted.