Monday, April 21, 2008

Non Fiction Monday: A Writerly Meme

Taking a book from MotherReader's page, this Non Fiction Monday post comes from Real Life.

Frankly, I had a really busy day at work and didn't have time to write a book review. Fortunately P.J. Hoover, a member of my Far Flung Writers (FFW) critique group, tagged me for a writing meme. Since it concerns my real-life WIP, I figure it can stand in for a Non Fiction Monday post.

Here are the meme rules:

1. Choose any one of YOUR OWN manuscripts. It can be a picture book, MG novel, an adult novel... It makes no difference.
2. Turn to page 30 of your novel or page 3 if it is a PB
3. Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post the next 5 sentences of text.
5. Then tag 5 writer friends to do the same.
6. See if you can visit Your Tagged Friends and the Person who Tagged You to read their short excepts.

Page 30, 5th Sentence

Alexei acted like he was on drugs—darting here, there, and everywhere to keep an eye on his “mafia.”

Next 5 Sentences

Justin was totally annoyed and took to ignoring Alexei for long stretches of the day. And me? I trained for something I didn’t want from sunup to sundown.

Take yesterday, for example. Dad woke me up at five. I put on a dress—no one’s calling me a boy again!—and followed Papa and Natasha the three blocks to the rink.
P.J. tagged everyone in our critique group, so I'm going to head over and read. In the meantime, consider yourself tagged if you're writing something and leave me a comment so I can follow your meme.