Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poetry Friday: A Springtime Original

Spring is in full force in Smalltown. We've also had plenty of rain, so every day there's something new and beautiful to find. (Including the snakes, which my son loves to pick up with a stick a la Jeff Corwin.)

I wrote this poem in honor of all the babies I haven't seen about town for six months. Suddenly they're everywhere after being sheltered in cars and indoors.

Other people's babies stroll by,
in hats of petals
in pink and blue sky.
With gappy smiles and shark-like teeth,
sunny dandelions,
rubbery, round cheeks.
They spring forth with the crocuses,
the warm, the tulips,
and the trees' first buds.
A moment so hard and so sweet
in its beauty stuns.
Then releases, free.
Before you walk on, alone, but
weightless, to seek signs
of the peonies.
Tricia's on the roundup at The Miss Rumphius Effect. A Happy Friday and a Happy Spring to you all.