Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Reviews (I-II)

Well. April has whizzed by, hasn't it? I can't believe that next weekend we'll be well into May already. Here, then, are the last of April's reviews:

Christina Hardyment reviews children's audiobooks for the Times.

Amanda Craig reviews new historical fiction for children in the Times, writing, "historical fiction for children is at its best when the research doesn't get in the way of the story."

Ed Park reviews Cory Doctorow's YA Little Brother for the Los Angeles Times.

Susan Faust considers Jeanne Birdsall's The Penderwicks on Gardam Street for the San Francisco Chronicle and finds it to be a "better-than-ever sequel." Also in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Mary Harris Russell provides capsule reviews of five new books for children and teens in the Chicago Tribune. This week's reviews include one of a new graphic novel for teens by
John Porcellino called Thoreau at Walden.

Deirdre Baker reviews board books for the Toronto Star. (I'm happy to see board book reviews--they are few and far between.)

Pamela Fieber and Ruth Myles review new books for kids of all ages for the Calgary Herald.

Karyn Saemann recommends four "exquisitely written and illustrated picture books" for The Capital Times.

Janet Christie reviews three new children's books for the Scotsman.

Karen MacPherson reviews new poetry books for ScrippsNews.

Blog Review Bonus: Writer L. Lee Lowe reviews Nick Green's Cat's Paw. It is a beautifully written review of a fantastic book.