Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Super-Mega Weekend Reviews

I finally have a moment to round up this weekend's reviews. But, before we get going, here's a bonus flower picture. Aren't they pretty? Too bad I'm not sure what kind of flowers they are!

Okay, here we go...

It's children's book weekend in the Telegraph. Here's what's on offer this time:
It's children's book weekend in the New York Times as well. Here's what's available online:
Karen MacPherson recommends many a new fantasy title in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Check out this good list of capsule reviews of fun children's books in the Baltimore Sun. (The author's name is posted as nne Carroll Moore and the "Stuart Little battle," but, just in case, here's the link.

Lini S. Kadaba takes on all those "issue" picture books (plastic surgery, prison, etc) in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Karen Springen
discusses "apocalypse" books for teens in this week's Newsweek.

Leann Italie reviews "books for future voters" in The
Seattle Times.

Mary Harris Russell provides capsule reviews for five new books--including the new Artemis Fowl--in the Chicago Tribune.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, by Sherman Alexei, is the Times Children's Book of the Week. (Reviewed by Nicolette Jones.)

There's a great picture book review column by Amanda Craig up this week in the Times as well.

Philip Ardagh reviews Children of Time, by Kate Thompson, in the Guardian
. (Children of Time and Helen Dunmore's The Crossing of Ingo are on my U.K. shopping list.)

Also in the Guardian, Charlie Higson loves Cosmic, by Frank Cottrell Boyce. (Who hasn't loved Cosmic?)

Mary Quattlebaum is writing the Washington Post "For Young Readers" column now. This week the theme is "Tales of Monuments and Heroines."