Monday, July 14, 2008

From the Wilds

We've left the wonderful wilds of Scotland (sigh) and have arrived in internet-abundant London. Say hello to my new best friend here--Snowy Owl from Avimore. Isn't she gorgeous? And so wary!

I have 143 unread e-mails (hooray for summer) and the dreaded 1000+ sign in my reader, so it will take me until tomorrow to get to the weekend reviews.

Here is an example of what we've been up to during our 10 days with no internet: Take a look at Kid2 in the River Dee. You may notice the water has topped his boots already. Needless to say, tomorrow is laundry day.
*We did have some internet access. 10 miles away at 7 GBP an hour. ($14/hour!! In other words, no blogging.)