Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Reviews (II)

I'm back in Smalltown, so regular posting will now resume. Also, I have big changes planned for The Edge of the Forest this week, so watch for the July-August issue. Before catching up on e-mail and critiques for my writing groups, here are the remainder of this weekend's reviews:

Spells, by Emily Gravett, is this week's Times Children's Book of the Week, reviewed by Nicolette Jones. (Wow! Once Gravett got started, you can't stop her, can you? That's a great thing.)

Also in the Times, Amanda Craig talks to Mary Hoffman.

I missed last weekend's Times Children's Book of the Week and it was Girl Writer: Spies and Lies, by Ros Asquith.

Dinah Hall recommends a great bunch of children's books for the summer hols in the

Here is a link to this week's Publishers Weekly reviews.

Susan Carpenter reviews Dana Reinhardt's newest teen novel, How to Build a House, in the Los Angeles Times.

Sonja Bolle, who did write a monthly children's book column for the Los Angeles Times Book Review section (will it now be in Calendar?), reviews three new picture books for Newsday.

Mary Harris Russell reviews five new children's books--including Lane Smith's Madame President--for the Chicago Tribune.

Amy Baldwin reviews several new picture books for the
Charlotte Observer.

New children's book recommendations in the Salt Lake Tribune. (No author identified.)

More from the San Francisco Chronicle this week: Regan McMahon reviews picture books and Susan Faust takes a look at children's books on Beijing on the eve of the Olympic Games.

Mary Quattlebaum reviews young adult novels "about life on the fringes" for the Washington Post.

Good stuff this week. Enjoy, and don't miss the first half of this post--Weekend Reviews (I)--for the complete picture.