Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Reviews (II)

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. There's a touch of Autumn in the air here in Smalltown--just a slight chill on an evening breeze. I've met my first year students and classes begin on Thursday. Summer is over, but the weekend reviews will go on. Here are the remainder of this weekend's reviews:

The Robber Baron's Daughter by Jamila Gavin is the Times Children's Book of the Week, reviewed by Nicolette Jones.

More children's book reviews by children in the Chicago Tribune.

This week's "For Young Readers" column in the Washington Post considers "ballot books" for the kids. (Reviewed by Lisa Von Drasek)

In this week's Not-a-Review article (in the Independent) we learn that the Enid Blyton estate has authorized more "Blyton" books.

An on-children's-books review: M. John Harrison reviews Lewis Carroll in Numberland, by Robin Wilson, in the Guardian.

Sonja Bolle reviews four new children's books for Newsday.