Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This week's TV note

I'm still here. Sort of. Mostly, though, I'm struggling to put together Cybils panels with Anne this week. It's been busy!

But...I still made time for Project Runway. Did you?

At the beginning of this season I was excited because this set of designers seemed inexperienced and, therefore, more experimental than the designers in Seasons Three and Four. Because of this, there wasn't a clear top three in the first few weeks, like there was last season. (In Season Four, Rami, Christian, and Jillian stood out from the very beginning.)

However, a few weeks ago it became clear: Leanne and Korto are so much better than the rest of the designers in their group. I'll be thrilled if there turns out to be a Final Two this season--instead of a Final Three or Four. Even still...even with Korto and Leanne, there are problems. Leanne phoned it in this week. And, to the right you can see Korto's entry. I love the jacket and the dress. But I do not like them together. Korto came in second, I think, because the jacket + dress combo does not work. That being said...I'd buy that jacket if it were on the market now.

Jerell won this challenge. Okay, I don't dispute that his look was okay. But, seriously...take a gander (to your left)...his design is really "okay." I'd wear this outfit (with an extra inch on the skirt). 40-ish prof the desired Project Runway demographic? I know it's not the desired designer demographic. Still...I like Jerrell, because he seems like a nice guy. He's having fun with the competition and that's better than winning.

Final comments: Suede? Is Suede-of-the-third-person-singular still here? Kenley? Do I have to endure her antics one more week? I do think she's a better designer than Suede, but her spoiled-brat behavior (and her voice) is driving me mad.

Bring on Fashion Week! (Yes, I've cheated and viewed the collections online.) I am ready for this season to be over. Korto or Leanne? If you don't come in first and second, I'm swearing off Project Runway for good.