Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Week's TV Note

(I will get back to book content--reviews, interviews, news--this weekend when the Cybils panels are finally complete. Please excuse the fluff.)

Okay, so Project Runway...

Kenley was lucky that Suede has been so consistently awful all season. I mean, come on, as Michael Kors would say. I'm a middle aged prof living in Iowa, and even I know that this outfit (to your left) is NOT hip hop. Those jeans! They're a horror. (Hair is good, though.)

And, Kenley: Could you please stop dissing Tim? Nina, Michael--okay, it's your right to argue with the judges. Santino did it before you. But you can not treat Tim badly. It's a rule. He's a teacher. He wants you to succeed.

Final thoughts: Please let Jerrell make the finals! I don't like his clothes at all. (He's too addicted to the sequins.) But I just love him as a contestent. He's having so much fun and that's a joy to watch. I assume at this point that only a major catastrophe could send Korto or Leanne home. Hey, maybe my dream of a two-person final will come true!