Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here a blog, there a blog, everywhere...

The kidlitosphere is expanding exponentially at the moment. Here are three new (or new to me) blogs I've noticed lately and will be adding to the blogroll:
  • Reading YA: Reader's Rants--reviews and rants from the folk behind Finding Wonderland: The WritingYA weblog. Honest, ranting and raving reviews of the latest in YA fiction.
  • Kiddielit--Run by Snow, a children's librarian, Kiddielit reviews children's books in all genres and discusses news about books.
  • Kids Literati--a new blog, run by Kara, "about the best in children's literature. Book reviews for the most discerning kids, parents, and educators. Classics, fiction, non-fiction, fairytales, and popular favorites--we read everything worth reading."

I'm also going to be updating the blogroll in the next few days to include serialized novels and sites for kids. One such site I'll be adding to the second category is Beacon Street Girls. My daughter loves their books and the site is pretty cool--with games, recipies, and quizzes.