Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Amazing Things Online

I just spent the day going through my account. While I was abroad, some 200 e-mails piled up unanswered. In the process of going through this mess, I found some really neat things. They include:

  • goodreads. Okay, I need another social networking site like I need a hole in my head. But this one is special. You meet and talk with your friends about books and books only. Awesome! I signed up, invited everyone to be my friend, and am trying to figure out how to edit. (ETA 10pm: Apparently when I invited everyone, I invited everyone in my e-mail box. I'm so sorry! Please feel free to reject my invite. I thought I had invited everyone already in goodreads. Oops!)
  • Ummm...speaking of social networking sites....Shelfari is another great one and they have many a Harry Potter event going on, including giveaways.
  • Speaking of Harry Potter, has a ton of Harry content online, including a Harrypedia and a Spell dictionary. My kids have been throwing spells at one another for days, so I'm sending them this link asap.
  • EDITED: Are you interested in Fantasy? Then you might want to check out "A Practical Guide to Fantasy," an online seminar hosted by Nina Hess on September 28, 2007 at 11 a.m. EST. Hess will discuss "the popularity of fantasy for all kids and its value in encouraging reluctant readers--particularly boys, to feel at home in the library." Perfect for teachers, librarians, and all others who work with kids and teens. You can get all the registration details by e-mail (

Whew! Down from 287 emails to 23. That's progress, folks. Updates on Poetry Friday, The Edge of the Forest, and more will come tomorrow.