Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Great Books We Haven't Read

Slate sent out a survey to several writers asking them to "reveal their gravest literary omissions." The resulting article (up today) is a fascinating read. I especially liked Laura Lippman's answer and her probably Quixotic attempt to remedy the situation. (Ironically, Lippman's What the Dead Know was my favorite audio book of 2007.)

The Inferno is my "gravest literary omission." I unjustly think I know all about it, so it has never actually made it on to my to read pile.

What about you? What is your greatest reading sin?

I'm very sad to read in today's Guardian that Dina Rabinovitch has died. Rabinovitch is one of those reviewers I've come to know and love from rounding up the weekend reviews. She has reviewed children's books in the Guardian and the Telegraph. Her intelligent reading and writing will be missed.
Thank you all for your great suggestions for my writing dilemma. I'll do a roundup of "making mental space" ideas tomorrow.