Monday, October 29, 2007

A Writing post

I have a writing question for you all: How do you make space for writing? I don't mean physical space--not a room, a desk, a corner. I mean mental space.

Let me give you an example. Today is a typical day. I have a class to teach, a few documents to write, a few students to meet, and The Edge of the Forest to format. (October's almost over!) Also, tomorrow's what they call "beggars' night" and I have no candy yet. Oh, and did I mention the schools are closed today? So I have the kids tailing me from place to place.

Still, the kids are getting older and I should be able to clear two hours in the late afternoon for writing. So back to the space question: How do you clear your mind of all the other items on the "to do" list to focus on writing? Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. Norbert, the book-killing cat, and I would like to know.