Saturday, August 30, 2008

How much do you love your children?

I don't mean to brag or anything, but I just sat through The Clone Wars. What an appalling waste of two hours. Getting three fillings at once would have been more enjoyable.

Sue George Lucas I must. Brain damage now I have.

Okay, now that I'm home I have to mention a few things that really bugged me about The Clone Wars:
  1. Luke, or Anakin, or whatever-his-name-is Skywalker has a new female apprentice. Is she dressed like the other Jedi? Is she wearing articulated armor from head to toe? No, she wears a bandeaux top (no straps!), a mini skirt and what looks like Uggs. Ugh, indeed.
  2. The Clone Wars is a cartoon, right? So, they can draw people however they'd like. But...female characters were drawn much differently than the males. In particular, the shoulder blades of the women were drawn back and almost pinched together. How can a woman fight like that? She can't, that's how.
  3. Too loud. With all that shooting and laser blade fighting, a mom can't sleep through the horror. Believe me, I tried.
  4. The "plot" centers around the kidnapping of Jabba the Hut's son. Somehow involved in this scheme is Jabba's Uncle. Who is also a she. S/he is a stereotype so offensive, I was unable to even analyze what was going on. Of course, s/he is the villain.
On the plus side:
  1. No Chewbacca, so I didn't have to listen to that Chewbacca sound throughout the movie.