Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend Reviews (I-II)

I thought this would be a slow weekend, what with the holiday, but I was wrong. There are many interesting reviews and articles out and about the major media available this weekend. So, let's get going:

(Before we do...aren't these lovely late summer flowers? A friend of ours brought them by and I'm in heaven.)

Do you wonder what Roald Dahl was up to during World War II? Jonathan Wiley reviews a book that explains everything this weekend in the Washington Post.

Philip Pullman gets his own table at Waterstone's and explains how he chose the 40 titles he wanted to display in the Times.

Also in the Times, Amanda Craig reviews three new picture books for the very young

The Famous Five Survival Guide is the Times Children's Book of the Week, reviewed by Nicolette Jones.

Phillip Ardagh reviews The Toymaker, by Jeremy de Quidt, illustrated by Gary Blythe, for the Guardian. (This one looks really cool! Click on over to read the review.)

Susan Perren reviews five new children's books for the Globe & Mail.

BACA alert: Another celebrity (Jamie Oliver's wife) finds there are no good children's books for her own children. Guess what? She decides to write some of her own! (I know, you were surprised at her ingenuity.)

Ian Rankin says boys should read comics (Hey! What about the girls? They like comics too!). Steve Dinneen reports for the Scotsman.

Monica Young recommends some good history books for children in the Winston-Salem Journal.

Joanna H. Kraus has put together a list of great back-to-school books for kids of all ages in the San Jose Mercury News.

And, speaking of back-to-school books: Karen MacPherson recommends a number of excellent titles for Scripps News Service, linked here from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Kids keep on reviewing books in the Chicago Tribune.

Who Was Mr. Toad? Andrew Johnson has the scoop in the Independent.

Susan Fasut reviews Adèle & Simon in America and Babar's USA in the San Francisco Chronicle.

On-Children's-Books: The Telegraph has (fascinating) excerpts from More About Boy by Roald Dahl

Interesting stuff this weekend. I hope you're having a great 3-day weekend! (If you have one--I don't!)