Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Making Space for Writing (II)

When discussing making mental space for writing, many writers had excellent advice about what NOT to do. Or, rather, what to avoid doing so you can write instead.

Number one on the list: cleaning.

Adrienne says, for example, "I decided second that I would write BEFORE I did any of my housework every day, so I was using good energy for writing and I'm-really-tired-and-want-to-lie-down energy for the dishes."

Liz in Ink agrees, saying, "If your house has to be tidy and your laundry clean and your to-do list complete, forget about it. It'll never happen."

Elaine says, "Skip the housework. Dust happens!"

Gail has ditched the hobbies: "I don't sew much anymore. I don't bake or do as much serious cooking as I used to do. I've accepted I'll never be a gardener. Right now for the first time in decades I'm not doing any volunteer work."

Nick has this to say: "I leave really short blog posts." By the way, Nick (author of The Cat Kin) has a really great blog with really great (not-so-short) posts. If you haven't read it, head on over now.

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